Les Blevins, Jr.
Founder and Inventor
Sequential Grates System

Les Blevins was born and raised in Kansas. His background is in developing innovative mechanical solutions with an emphasis on practicality.

He believes; that now that science has confirmed global warming is real, is being caused by human activities and is changing global weather patterns, and these more adverse weather patterns are resulting in loss of life and billions in crop losses and other property damage worldwide that we must change how we manage solid wastes, what fuels we use and how we use them for heat and power generation.

He believes advancements in energy conservation can play a major role in solving the problem. And he, just as most other scientists and waste management engineers, now favors combustion and gasification as the best means to manage solid wastes currently being landfilled.

Advanced Alternative Energy Corp. has developed a more advanced system for utilizing municipal solid wastes and other biomass forms for demand side heat and power generation facilities under his leadership.

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