ADVANCED ALTERNATIVE ENERGY CORP. (AAEC)- believes research and development, is our best means of solving many of our environmental problems.

Among these problems is our wasteful habit of landfilling combustible material that could be used as fuel for heating farms, homes and businesses, while burning far too much of the various fossil fuels that are the primary cause of global warming.

Our combustion design efforts have produced a revolutionary new outside furnace and combustion system technology for better utilization of many types of biomass or solid waste, fired alone, or co-fired with more conventional fuels.

The concept is to provide a means to save on waste disposal costs and heating costs, simultaneously. Thus effectively turning a lose-lose-lose situation into a win-win-win situation.

This furnace can utilize low grade wood and other types of biomass such as wood chips, cobs, pellets, briquettes, compacted household trash, etc.

The furnace system can be automated to be self-stoking with many types of fuels including natural or lp gas, fuel oil, waste oil, paper, shredded wood, corn cobs, baled weeds, fuel crops or agri-byproducts, etc.

WITHIN THE U.S.A. (below information applies) OUTSIDE U.S.A. (licensing information available)

This furnace is available to order in ten standard sizes for farm, home or small commercial use. Larger commercial and industrial sizes are custom built on special order (inquire with manufacturer). State or local permits may be required in some locations or for some fuels (inquire with proper officials).

When unit orders arrive at AAEC they will be built in house or placed with a qualified fabrication company and shipped to the designated point. Freight charges and any unpaid balance can be handled "collect." Unit shipment is made by common carrier upon completion. This method of manufacture and supply is possible as the unit is completely made of standard sizes of steel plate, bar stock, flat strap, iron angle, etc. (applies to the ten standard sizes only).

Private installers should enlist the help of professionals to insure proper installation and compliance with all local codes (for added safety and satisfaction).

Discount/rebates of 20% are available to the first 10 orders in each state. Discount/rebates of 15% are available to the next 10 orders in each state. Discount/rebates of 10% are available on the next 10 orders in each state. Inquire by phone or fax to AAEC.
furnace order form and price list. furnace drawings order form.

Furnace questions and answers. Additional concept information.

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